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Canopée 2

In the tranquility of my creative space, where material takes shape, "Canopée 2" has revealed itself. A harmony of shadows and light where acrylic joins PLA, a material with almost living properties.

In front of these pieces, I feel vitality, abstract silhouettes evoking a digital forest. Black outlines trace and guide, inviting the eye to follow a path strewn with vibrant colors and unexpected textures.

The music, though a backdrop, infuses the atmosphere, from Tomberlin's sensitivity to Moderat's depth, from DJ Koze's melancholic softness to Daniel Avery's introspection. It influences every movement, every color choice.

This is not just an assembly; it's an immersion, a contemplation of the link between our natural world and our digital lives. It's a celebration of texture, color, space - an invitation to discovery, to reflection.

Every time I look at "Canopée 2", I discern a new aspect, a detail becomes clear. Like the music that keeps playing, the relationship between art and the viewer is alive, changing, renewed with each new vision, each new feeling.

I share these images with you, letting them speak to you, inviting you to immerse yourself in this "forest" of PLA, pigments, and passion.

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