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Video on the work in progress

Updated: Jan 30

In this video, I delve into the heart of my creative process, a place where intuition and technique intertwine to shape something unique. Everything starts with intuition, that inner force that gives the first impulse to the work. Every movement, every choice is dictated by this energy, allowing the art to be born spontaneously.

Over time, a form begins to take shape, emerging naturally from the continuous dialogue between my instinct and the material. It is in this exchange that the work comes to life, without following a pre-established plan.

Of course, some steps are more technical, such as slicing, modeling, and printing. Even in these moments, I maintain a flexible approach. Each technical step is a new opportunity, a space of freedom where my intuition still plays an essential role.

In my process, every step is a chance for exploration, allowing the art to evolve naturally. Techniques are not constraints but tools to serve and express my artistic vision, without limiting it.

My art is a journey between the abstraction of intuition and the concretization of technique. This video is a window into this unique world, where these elements meet and unite to create something truly special.


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