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DALL·E 2024-01-15 17.00.08 - Craft a website background for an agenda section that showscas
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After studying atFine Arts of Namur and Brussels then having officiated on theradio waves for several years, Marc-André Metais dropped the microphone tothe brushes now expressing itself through colors and shapes reflecting a state of mind, a thought, an event, etc.

The emotion takes the lead pushing the technique to useexpressiveness in the gesture. Games of transparency, tingling, Marc-André Metais shows theconnection between the living and the spiritual. The creative process is intendedplayful : the artist uses the paste, the juice, the projection, the collage, the serif, the ample and precise invoice.

Feelings are translated into touches of color but also intographic lines characteristics of the artist's style. All of Marc-André Metais' paintings invite you to the mystery of the emotion that grips you.

rendez vous à la biennale
AZUR Gallery, 2023 exhibition
participation in the Pierrot ballad in Spa
plan of the Pierrots walk in Spa
solo exhibition at the Azur gallery in 2021
collective exhibition at the Art Pero gallery in Crupet in 2020
solo exhibition in spain at Competa 2019
collective exhibition at the arts2be gallery
solo exhibition "Arpèges" arts2be gallery in 2018

“Arpèges” exhibition from September 14 to October 11, 2018 by Marc-André Metais
Arts2be concept-store gallery

solo exhibition Azur gallery in 2018
participation in Art shopping wolluwe in 2017
participation in Art shopping wolluwe in 2016
participation in bxl art3f in 2016
participation in the antiques art fair of luxembourg 2015
participation in antique art fair de spa 2014
exhibition at the Cobalt gallery in bxl in 2014
participation in AAF 2014 in Brussels
participation in the Spa Fine Art Week in 2014
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