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After studying atFine Arts of Namur and Brussels then having officiated on theradio waves for several years, Marc-André Metais dropped the microphone tothe brushes now expressing itself through colors and shapes reflecting a state of mind, a thought, an event, etc.

The emotion takes the lead pushing the technique to useexpressiveness in the gesture. Games of transparency, tingling, Marc-André Metais shows theconnection between the living and the spiritual. The creative process is intendedplayful : the artist uses the paste, the juice, the projection, the collage, the serif, the ample and precise invoice.

Feelings are translated into touches of color but also intographic lines characteristics of the artist's style. All of Marc-André Metais' paintings invite you to the mystery of the emotion that grips you.

Marc-André Metais: Synesthetic Fusion of Colors and Techniques in Connected Art

The artistic evolution of Marc-André Metais reflects a quest for connection and expression through various mediums and subjects. Initially, his work in "Figurative Abstraction" required the viewer to pause and enjoy an emotional and pictorial moment.

Metais expressed himself through several mediums, including scroll-cut wood, Plexiglas, canvas, and totems, inviting a synesthetic experience where each color is a note of music and the chromatic harmonies transport into his colorful, geometric, lyrical, and organic universe.

More recently, his exploration of the interconnection between Man, Nature, and Technology has become more tangible and visual. Using a variety of mediums like acrylic, airbrush, sprays, and 3D printing, he has created works where forms, gestures, and colors dance in harmony, reflecting the deep connections between individuals and their environment. Each element of his works represents the diversity and unity of a complex ecosystem.

His recent exhibition invited visitors to reflect on their place within a vast connected network, integrating geometric, mineral, and organic motifs. These elements merge to engage reflection on the connected world, highlighting the impact of our actions on the environment and society.

In terms of artistic analysis, the work of Marc-André Metais stands out for its ability to merge various visual and thematic elements, creating a dialogue between the abstract and the figurative. His use of bright colors and rhythmic compositions translates a deep understanding of synesthesia. His shift towards more connected themes, incorporating technology and ecology, shows an evolution towards a more global consciousness and a search for meaning in interconnection. The way he integrates the diversity of techniques and mediums demonstrates a willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Sophie Fettweis, Art Historian.

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